Conference room management

Roombooking is the perfect complete solution for managing and booking conference rooms and welcoming visitors. Our touchscreens provide an overview of all the company’s conference rooms and allow you to search for rooms according to specific criteria: seating capacity, technical options and any other parameter entered into the system.


Meeting rooms overview

RoomBooking is an integrated solution that offers a real-time overview of availability and upcoming bookings for all the conference rooms in the system. Consequently, situations where two meetings are simultaneously vying for the same conference room are avoided. The availability of rooms can be checked using the small tablet in each room, the large general screen or billboard that is also touch sensitive as well as from a personal computer or mobile telephone.

Management and overview of the guests

You have exactly the same detailed overview of visitors arriving from outside the building as you have of the conference rooms. Visitors register using an email address or ID-card, after which a name tag is automatically printed for them, they receive Wi-Fi passwords (if requested), and are directed to the correct conference room. The employees they have come to meet will be notified via a short message or e-mail.


Advantages and options

Compatibility with common software

RoomBooking can be synchronised perfectly with almost all of the widely used planning software solutions – Exchange, Office365, Gmail, Webcal/CALDAV and many others.

Universal cloud service

The software is usable as a universal cloud service, but if needed it can also be installed as an on premise solution.


Your data is safe and it is also useful for a company to have an overview of all the individuals who have visited them, for instance in the interests of security.

Super simple!

Roombooking has a simple and logical user interface, which should take minutes to get used to. It is also possible to book a room by simply swiping an employee card. In summary, this means that booking meetings no longer falls 100% onto the shoulders of secretaries and bureau managers, instead it can be done by all members of the collective.


We offer the possibilities to use the RoomBooking software with your previously installed systems. For example we can integrate the system with turnstiles, elevators, parking registration, managing the guests wifi etc.

The data can be analysed

All the information concerning meetings and visitors will be recorded. This allows the company to retrospectively analyse and plan the optimal use of the conference rooms.

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